Metal Detectors


Since its origins in 1985 Minelab has been, and still is, the world leader in providing metal detecting technologies.

Minelab is today a major world manufacturer of hand held metal detector products. Minelab products continue to set new standards in the world of metal detecting for both performance and innovation.

In line with these high standards Minelab is an ISO 9001 Quality Endorsed Company. ISO 9001 is a worldwide quality standard certification that ensures continuous improvement is maintained in order to provide the highest level of product quality for customers.

It is this commitment to the development of new technologies, along with excellence in customer service that will give you a big advantage when you are out detecting, no matter what the ground or environmental conditions. With Minelab products you will have the opportunity to find more good targets more often.


Teknetics was founded in 1983 and became part of the First Texas Products family of metal detectors in 1989.

The Teknetics brand has always been known for the hottest performance of the era; never ones to rest, engineers set out to redefine the industry performance standard in the early 2000's. The result of that effort was the acclaimed T2, followed on by the complete new line of Teknetics detectors.

Teknetics engineers started with a clean slate to redefine state-of-the-art. The modern user interfaces are easier to learn to use properly than any other high performance detectors on the market. Easier to learn means faster to master and more performance in your hands, in the field, in less time than imagined possible.


Since 1931, Fisher has been the most trusted name in metal detection. Whether you are locating buried utilities, in need of security walk through metal detectors or want to find long buried treasures, Fisher technology will find it fast. From analog to digital, in single or multiple frequencies, Fisher quality and innovation are your reliable source for underground locating equipment.

Bounty Hunter

Founded in 1973, Bounty Hunter patented the industry’s leading Target-ID technology in the 1980’s. Years later, Bounty Hunter’s design innovations made high-performance metal detection available to more people after reducitons of the industry’s manufacturing costs. Today, genuine Bounty Hunter metal detectors offer professional detecting performance at an affordable price.


Based in Toulouse since 1998, XP Metal Detectors develops and manufactures in France innovative, high-performance metal detectors which have quickly become a reference among enthusiasts. Conceived of by our engineers in collaboration with our team of experienced detectorists, XP’s range of metal detectors has been designed to respond to users’ real expectations. XP products combine power, selectivity and ergonomics to strike the perfect balance between performance characteristics!


LORENZ Detectors are based on proven technology which has already been tested and used successfully. Along with the help of professional and amateur users, Lorenz tried to improve the products and developed all new technologies, such as static conductivity meter reading, based on the pulse induction principle, power MOSFET - Transmitters or special interference reduction circuits.

In the field of industrial metal detectors LORENZ Detecting Systems has been introducing different new products. For example LORENZ Metal Detectors are successfully in use to seperate different metals for recycling purposes.


Garrett metal detectors was founded in 1964, focusing on making the best metal detectors and selling them at a fair and reasonable cost.

The Garrett name has come to stand for more than metal detection; it is a philosophy for unparalleled customer satisfaction.

Now, as Garrett moves through the 21st century, the company has set goals to empower its customers with better products, better technology and better information.

Garrett's mission is to continue the tradition of building great hobby and security detectors for many generations to come.


White's Electronics is a world leader in the design and manufacture of metal detectors. The company is currently led by Ken and Mary White, using the same philosophy that was so successful for Ken's father 50 years ago. Give the customers quality and value, treat your employees like you would like to be treated and the future will be bright. Numerous patents are material proof of White's commitment to maintaining this leadership role. As the technology of the electronics industry has changed, so has White's technology - from vacuum tubes to sophisticated computer driven metal detectors for hobby, security and industry.


Pulsotronic, a subsidiary company of SKS Holding GmbH, is a worldwide active supplier of sensor technology and electric components for automation and automotive. According to our motto "Everything from one source - to your advantage." we stand for a broad programme of innovation and modern technology. Situated in the strive industry region Chemnitz-Zwickau we develop and manufacture:


Ebinger develops and produces a comprehensive range of metal location and detection devices for humanitarian Mine Action and munitions clearance, for law enforcement, security and industry applications, civil engineering, for the timber and forestry industries, for the locating of pipes and cables and for scientific use.

One focal point for the company lies in the researching of innovative methods and the development of efficient and reliable detection techniques for professional large-scale and long-term use.

A modern quality management system to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 ensures a high and constant level of quality and supports the company's ability to manufacture and supply its products rapidly and at a high capacity. All components are "Made in Germany"!

Ebinger has its headquarters and R&D in Colognewhile its generously sized production and testing facilities are located at Wiesbaum/Eifel. The company is represented throughout the world and EBINGER equipment is on daily operation in more than 40 countries.


The first product which the company releases on the market is the Pulse Induction detector SSP-2000. The demand is quite strong and some months later for sales has been released the PI detector SSP-2010. This is an unique system, combining PI detector and magnetometer, allowing the discrimination of the unwanted ferrous objects no matter their size and ageing in the ground. In 2001 the company designs the first PI detector in the world with micro-processor control, touch pads and graphical image of the signal. The SSP series find wide markets and huge sales, and the funds received allow the opening of a new branch of the company – the production of accessory coils for the leading brands of metal detectors.

Gold Detectors

GDI - GOLD DETECTORS INTERNATIONAL is a supplier of quality metal detector products

for the needs of the professional treasure hunter all over the world.

GOLD DETECTORS INTERNATIONAL is a worldwide supplier, who runs continuously their development program to present exciting new locators in the near future.

The commitment to the success and satisfaction of its customers continues after sales, by a 2 years no-limits guarantee.


Coiltek Manufacturing is Optimising Discovery, offering more chances for success when out in the field prospecting and metal detecting.

Coiltek manufactures metal detector coils and accessories which are proven performers. Different terrains call for different products and that's where you need greater choices, you will find them with Coiltek’s diverse range of coils and accessories.

Constantly investing in intensive research and development means more opportunities for prospectors whether they're hobbyists or professionals.

With a worldwide authorised dealer network spanning from USA to Russia, Australia, UK and Europe your nearest Coiltek product is easily obtained from professionals, who offer excellent up to date knowledge to help improve your success rate. Our pride in our products is reflected in many of the detecting fields today with the majority of Minelab detector owners using a Coiltek product.

All of Coiltek products are made by highly trained professional team who take great pride in each step of the manufacturing process. You can be guaranteed of the highest standard with every Coiltek product.