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Depar Dedektör alışverişe devam et Depar Dedektör alışverişi tamamla




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The Eliminator e-120 can be used in 2 ways

A. When a target has been discovered and centered with along range locator, the Eliminator e-120 can be groundedabove the target canter

- Turn on the Eliminator e-120 above target center andwait 5 minutes

-Then make another scan with the long range locator.

- If a reading is not received the target is false and hasbeen eliminated by the e-120.

B. It can also work work simultaneously with the long rangelocator

-Ground the Eliminator e-120 10 meters away from the placeyou will start scanning.

- Turn on the Eliminator e-120. wait 5 minutes before startusing the long range locator.

- Operate the long range locator. False signals will becanceled this way and not picked up.

4. Turn on the Eliminator e-120. And set the rejection scale knob at the desired point. As the knobis set clockwise, small objects are ignored

5. Wait 5 minutes and scan using the long range locator


There are 12 LED on the Eliminator panel.

Frequency band LED’s: The 1kHz to 20kHzLED’s, represent the false target frequency signals that the devicerejects, and as theknob is rotated clockwise, the LED’s are light up faster

Because the device rejects bigger targets.

Check LED: Lights up when a frequency pulse is send to the soil

Battery: Indicates that the 9 Volt battery needs to be replaced within 30 minutes maximum.Please use only Alkaline batteries of a well know brand.To access the battery compartment, unscrew it’s securing bolt at the back of the Eliminator e-120.

Connect the 9 V battery the correct way at it’s clip.

Fit back the battery cover and screw tightly it’s securing bolt.


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